Sunday, July 18, 2010

Media ninnies continued: Ken Berger (CBS Sports)


Ninny who uses Jordan to criticize 3 King domination viz. "Miami Scheme Machine" recently hails His Airness the "competitive sociopath."

Ninnyworld: Individual sociopaths, okay. Sociopathic triads, not okay.
Hint to @KBerg_CBS: Sociopathy of any kind is unwise. Jordan is a not a sound nor unbiased judge of "competitive" detachment.


Shorter: Berger snarks Riley for comment praising Miller. Fan cites data supporting Riley. Berger goes all Madonna acting Like A Virgin (read insufferable bombastic diva).
KBerg_CBS: Just saw quote from Pat Riley on #NBA TV calling Mike Miller "the finest perimeter shooter in the game." Has he met Ray Allen?
daleja424: Ray Alen career 3pt% equals 39.6, Mike Miller equals 40.5... just thought I would point that out...
KBerg_CBS: Total makes and attempts, pls?
KBerg_CBS: Can't call Miller finest shooter in game as long as Ray Allen is still participating in said game. Period.
Actually we can, so long as Steve Nash and more than two dozen others over the last 3 x seasons who've shot the 3PT rock as well or better than Allen are included. Period.

Otherwise, to answer Berger's question with a question, has Riley met Ray Allen? Couldn't say. Has Berger met his alter ego? One and same.