Saturday, July 17, 2010

Magloire, Arroyo may return --- and Mark Blount II.

Uptweet from Heat AP beatwriter Tim Reynolds:

Have no idea on "this moment." Both will be part of the 10-11 Heat. RT @taheati: Are Magloire and Arroyo negotiating w/Miami at this moment?
Reynolds is usually money on these matters. If he says "will" not may, then they likely will.

Don't sell short the Heat's comeback trail. Carlos Arroyo appears to also be closing in on a Heat deal, along with Jamaal Magloire.
Good. Arroyo realized career-highs in Ast/TO-ratio & WS/48 last year while  Magloire -- not Joel Anthony -- is the perfect complement to Z.

How so?  Anthony for all his swatting overhype isn't physical, isn't court-aware, lacks presence, lacks ball iq, doesn't deter rim-attacks, doesn't consistently change shots, doesn't rebound, doesn't screen with precision, doesn't read-and-react, does have 10 thumbs.

Even grandpa Juwan (12.7%) logged a better board-rate than Anthony (11.1%) last season. So did Beasley (12.6).

Meanwhile, Magloire does almost everything Anthony can't, albeit with more whistles and much less appreciation.

Worse, at 5yrs/$18m Anthony just became the defensive version of Mark Blount. Call him Mark Blount II.

But there was interest in and offers for Anthony you say? Yeah. There was lots of interest in Elton Brand too. Before Philadelphia. Ditto Diop pre-2008.