Sunday, July 18, 2010

13 lean and summer league sheen

Per Winderman, Miami's roster current stands at 13 lean (Pittman excepted) with Jones' return. The Heat can add 2 more bodies which may/may not include unnamed others, JWill -- still in limbo after Orlando signed Duhon or, for example, Summer League Heat 'sensation' Kenny Hasbrouck.

Hasbrouck sensational? Yes, 'sensational' -- in the comparative sense of a barely sentient week featuring mostly insensate basketball. Shorter: dull but not quite dead.

Still, dull had its moments as Summer Leagues do.

Of Heat fatbodies, Siler over Pittman hands -- or rather handles -- down for the first annual Ike Austin Summer Sumo Award. Named for the former Heat fatbody who eventually made Miami's roster and more, Siler played hungry as Miami's most reliable big on or off the bench despite averaging 5-less minutes than Pittman.

Hasbrouck was effective and consistent throughout. Consistent is "good" for outsiders looking for a way in. But Hasbrouck could also be just another sparkler, i.e., guys who sizzle in July only to fizzle by October (see Jeremy Richardson, Kasib Powell etc.).

Among perimeter types, was more impressed by Efejuku -- who showed a knack for aggressive, savvy, controlled penetration and a related ability to draw fouls (26 FTAs per 29 FGAs). Also Robinson, a Rasual-Butler type with the nails to make shotclock-expiring Js.

In addition to Siler, I thought Varnado actually had a pretty good week for a big. He didn't average 10 fouls (tho he did manage 8 in the finale v. Cleveland) -- like many of his summer big contemporaries. Showed his stuff/stuffs, e.g. shotblocking, mostly good awareness defending the rim; and also showed more, as in more offense (post moves, ability to finish around the rim @ 56%) and physicality (both ends) than (I) expected.

James Jones tells Sun Sentinel he will re-sign with the Heat and be back for 2010-11 season.
Confirmed by Reynolds and Wallace.

Earlier Winderpiece summarizing roster status:
When his deal is finalized, Jones will be the seventh player returning from the 2009-10 Heat roster that finished 47-35 and earned the No. 5 Eastern Conference playoff seed, losing in the first round in five games to the eventual Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics.
Already back for the Heat are Wade, Haslem, point guard Mario Chalmers and center Joel Anthony, with center Jamaal Magloire and point guard Carlos Arroyo also poised for imminent returns.
In addition to Bosh, James and Miller, also under contract to the Heat for next season are Cleveland Cavaliersfree-agent center Zydrunas Ilgauskas and second-round pick Dexter Pittman, the burly center out of the University of Texas. In addition, Portland Trail Blazers power forward Juwan Howard has already agreed to terms with the Heat, to formalize that agreement in coming days.
That would leave 13 of the maximum 15 regular-season roster spots filled.
The Heat is expected to add one more point guard, quite possibly former Heat starter Jason Williams, as well as possibly one player from its summer-league roster, which could be guard Kenny Hasbrouck.