Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Uh oh.

Mike Wallace tweets:
Wade's reps cancel his scheduled press conference for Tuesday's promotional appearance at basketball camp, Zo Summer Groove.
Move to keep Wade away from media sure to raise concerns about his looming free-agency decision and future in Miami.
Wade still scheduled to attend promo events, but reps don't want free agency focus to overshadow camp or Summer Groove focus.
Word is Wade's meeting with Heat owner Arison went well, but Wade's circle don't want him to talk free agency again until he makes decision.
Heat planning to send busloads of fans, employees to Wade's events, seeking some sort of commit or good news. His silence could be deafening. 

So Wade won't take and -- as a result -- answer questions. But Wade will meet his pre-scheduled obligations.

Shorter Wade: No punking allowed unless it's in the script.

Okay, i.e., nbd.