Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shining on Mr. Torrance

For those who have asked, undrafted Alabama guard Mikhail Torrance was released by the Heat before it departed to Vegas for summer league. 

So. Heat VSL 2010 is just another  case of deja vu all over again. Torrance has legit talent which will, eventually, translate somewhere else. Unlike the "winners within" routinely featured on Heat summer league rosters only to disappear, forever & deservedly forgotten.

Deja vu trifecta? Incompetent  drafting (by Kammerer & crew, lottery picks aside), poor personnel evaluation (promising F/As inexplicably cut only to succeed with other teams), offensive neglect guaranteed to ensure offensive cluelessness if survivors make the cut.

Ibid. Heat summer leaguers, past and present:  Michael Beasley, Joel Anthony, Daequan Cook, Wayne Simien, Matt Walsh, Earl Barron, Gerald Fitch, Robert Hite, Blake Ahearn, Stephen Lasme, Brian Chase, Luke Jackson, Alexander Johnson, Bobby Jones, Ken Johnson, Sean Lampley, a cast of almost-literally thousands ...