Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Los" Caliente

Update (Thursday)

@TheJaxShow (Jason Jackson):
Pat Riley on Arroyo: By re-signing Carlos, we feel we have accomplished another big step in adding to this team. Carlos showed last season that he was one of the most competitive and efficient point guards in the NBA, and we are happy to have him back.”

Earlier (Wednesday)

Point guard Carlos ["Los"] Arroyo told the Sun Sentinel [today] he is flying back from his native Puerto Rico to re-sign with [Miami where signing] formalities [are] expected to be [completed] Thursday.

Arroyo will become the 13th player under contract to the Heat next season. Teams are limited to 12-player active lists on game nights and 15-player rosters during the regular season. Teams may carry as many as 20 players during the offseason.

Arroyo has been working with Puerto Rico's entry for the late-summer World Championships in Turkey. "I've been training with my national team all summer," he said, having earned All-Olympic honors in 2004, when he led Puerto Rico to an opening-round 92-73 upset of Wade and the United States.

The 6-foot-2 product of Florida International University averaged 6.1 points, 3.1 assists and 1.8 rebounds [over] 22 minutes per game last season while shooting .475 from the field and .844 from the foul line. Arroyo's field-goal percentage was a career high [as was his assist ratio of 4.17 assists per turnover, evidence 38 out of 72 game appearances where Arroyo did not commit a single turnover. As a result, Arroyo finished second among all NBA players in this category, trailing only New Orleans' superstar point guard Chris Paul.]

[On a personal level,] Arroyo also grew particularly close to Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade last season, developing a strong on-court chemistry with Wade when Arroyo was promoted to the starting lineup. Wade was [similarly] taken by how Arroyo emerged as the lone Heat player with theme music, asking at one point during the playoffs, "Man, how come none of us have songs and you do?" Replied Arroyo, "because I have the rhythm," rocking his hips for effect.