Friday, July 30, 2010

Live Love Leblon

From the Miami Herald:
And just when you thought there was a bit of a reprieve from LeBron James mania, The Tides South Beach introduces the Leblon James, a Leblon Cachaca cocktail with watermelon juice, Florida citrus, Chipotle-infused agave syrup and lime. ``We see the cocktail as Miami's newest unofficial drink,'' says director of food and beverage Steven Rausher. We see it as a spirited leap on the LeBronwagon, one which will no doubt be full in the coming weeks.

If it isn't clear, Leblon James emerged from Bronmania and was conceived for South Beach. However, Leblon itself is actually a place -- and distillery -- in Brazil. While Cachaca (pronounced ka-SHA-sa) is a Brazilian liqueur distilled from sugar cane juice.