Friday, July 23, 2010

WEWS (We Will Suck)

They can burn his jerseys, de-Bron the city, unspeak his name ... but it won't change Leaveland's outlook sans James or its not so happily ever after future with Danny Gilbert and The Little Boy Who Lives In His Mouth.

So 3 Cheers to the new Cleveland, where everybody knows you're lame: WEWS (We Will Suck).

WEWS (Cleveland):
The city of Cleveland has become somewhat of a running punchline following LeBron James departure for Miami. Just like James has faced criticism for his decision to leave the Cavaliers, plenty of jokes have been made about the city itself.

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade is the latest to knock Cleveland. During an interview Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel asked Wade if he would have gone to Cleveland to join LeBron. Wade laughed, and said, “No. I wasn’t going to Cleveland.”

His response drew laughter from Kimmel and the crowd. Kimmel’s jokes were the latest on Cleveland, as the city took some shots during the ESPYs. Host Seth Meyers cracked that Cavs fans should have known James was leaving because, after all, “Leave” is in the city’s name.

As Wade was joking around on Kimmel, rapper Flo Rida was introducing a new song claiming that the Heat have already won the NBA finals.

WEWS (Cleveland):
It just won't go away.

LeBron James leaving his hometown for the Miami Heat continues to haunt Cleveland Cavaliers fans. Most recently, rapper Flo Rida wrote a song about the Heat called, " We Already Won ." In the song, Flo Rida rapped, "We already won, we get LeBron James it's already done." The chorus of the rap is "We already won, we already won, ain't no need to play no more games. We already won, we already won, ain't no need to play no more games. Let me hear you say, 'We number one, we number one.'"

While Flo Rida was rapping about the success of the Miami franchise, Heat guard Dwayne Wade was on Jimmy Kimmel Live with a knock on Cleveland.